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X-ray photography Dentri and Dentio X-ray photographers provides a more pleasant experience for both dentists and customers. The devices allow to obtain undistorted, high-resolution 3D photos from many different angles. Innovative Time Delay System (TDI) allows to take accurate, high-quality photos without missing even the smallest details. We install X-ray rooms – you select an X-ray photographer, and we will install it by making all necessary design of the room. We will take care of everything in relation to the installation of your radiography room – you will only need to collect your keys.
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Tube voltage: 50-110 kV
Focal diameter: 0.5 mm
Detector type: (CT&Pano) CMOS; (Cephalo) TFT
Sensor’s field of vision: 16cm x 14.5cm, 16cm x 8cm, Free Fov
Scanning time: (CT) 8 seconds or 24 seconds
(Pano) 14.7 seconds
(Cephal) 0.5, 1.0, 1.5, 2.0
Patient’s position: standing
Weight: 280 kg

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Tube voltage: 50-90 kV
Focal diameter: 0.5 mm
Detector type: TDI CCD
Scanning time: (Pano) 13.6 seconds
(Cephalo) 8.2 seconds
Patient’s position: standing
Weight: 160 kg or 130kg (without Cephalo)

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Installation of fully functional and modern dental rooms. Top notch service from A to Z, which includes consultations, preparation of draft design and installation of your dental room.